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Relationship Solutions is pleased to present the revolutionary Hold Me Tight couples workshop. Created by Dr. Sue Johnson, founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy, the Hold Me Tight workshop is based on the book of the same title. This event leads couples through seven conversations designed to strengthen relationship bonds and establish security between partners. Hold Me Tight Workshops are highly sought after events and are conducted throughout the world. The clinical team at Relationship Solutions is the first to introduce this workshop to the Arkansas River Valley.

Hold Me Tight workshops are not like typical marriage retreats. These weekend intensives are designed to help couples build, strengthen and repair the very foundation of their relationship. Couples are led through a series of seven conversations that help them recognize the disconnecting patterns of their relationship, identify the moments where disconnection occurs and establish new patterns of secure connection.

The seven conversations are:

The Disconnecting Dialogues. Every relationship follows a pattern or cycle of response when distressing moments occur. Recognizing this cycle when it occurs helps couples see the moments where they pull away from each other and lose the sense of security in their relationship. Couples identify if they follow a pattern of attack-attack, pursue-withdraw or withdraw-withdraw (or some combination) during this conversation.

Raw Spots. Everyone has raw spots or past hurts that affect them in the present. Much like an old sports injury that flares up during exercise, a raw spot can be activated in a relationship. Recognizing and tending to these raw spots can help partners avoid confusion and misunderstanding in the future.

Revisiting Rocky Moments. Every relationship has moments of conflict, misunderstanding and disconnection. This conversation helps couples revisit the site of a past painful interaction and helps them repair any damage done. Once couples have a map to follow, they can revisit other rocky moments and do further repair long after the workshop has ended.

Hold Me Tight. A Hold Me Tight conversation is the primary goal of the workshop. When couples are able to successfully experience this conversation, their relationship begins to strengthen and grow. This conversation leads to security and a sense of safety in the relationship. A Hold Me Tight conversation essentially is where partners are able to speak about their needs and longings in a way that provokes responsiveness from their spouse. When needs for comfort, care, affection and support are shared successfully, partners finally are able to receive the response that they have been seeking. And when partners feel their spouse is accessible, responsive and engaged in helping meet their emotional and relational needs, relationship security is achieved. \

Forgiving Injuries. Every relationship has a need to revisit the site of a former conflict or injury. This conversation invites partners to consider circumstances and events where they have wounded their spouse. Couples are guided through this conversation where they seek forgiveness for an injury caused. It is in these moments that repair and reconnection can occur.

Bonding Through Sex and Touch. One of the most common sources of conflict in marriage involves sex and physical intimacy. Few people arrive at marriage without some kind of sexual brokenness. This conversation guides couples through a conversation about past sexual wounds as well as hurts that may have occurred during the course of the marriage relationship. It also helps couples develop language and clear communication regarding their sexual needs. This conversation can sometimes be difficult for couples to navigate. Trained support staff members are available to assist couples if needed during this conversation (as well as all other conversations during the weekend).

Keeping Love Alive. The final conversation of the workshop is designed to help couples develop a strategy to sustain their relationship health. Successful, lasting marriages are the result of intentional efforts. Couples discuss the love story that they desire for their marriage. Then they identify daily expressions to keep their love alive and vibrant.

Thousands of couples have experienced the life-changing Hold Me Tight couples weekend throughout the world. Register for an upcoming weekend intensive and discover the connection and security you have been seeking in your marriage relationship.


What if my spouse is having an affair? Can the workshop help us?

We believe there is hope for marriages in distress. In the case of ongoing affairs, we recommend seeing one of our trained counseling staff for couples counseling rather than attending this weekend intensive. Our counselors are trained in affair recovery and are available to guide your relationship in that process through regular, ongoing counseling appointments. If you have additional questions or need further information, please call our office at (479)242-3200.


What if my partner is physically abusive?

If your marriage relationship is physically unsafe then we recommend that you seek help immediately to secure your safety. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800)799-SAFE (7233) for support and guidance. They are available twenty-four hours per day. Once you are safe, call our office to discuss treatment options. This workshop is not appropriate for couples who are actively struggling with domestic violence dynamics.


Can we come for part of the weekend if we can’t stay for all of it?

Because the workshop is a series of interconnected conversations that build throughout the course of the weekend, we request that couples plan to attend both days from beginning to end. Trust us when we say that you’ll be glad you stayed the entire time!


Is this workshop helpful for newlyweds?

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! We believe that the stronger the foundation of a relationship, the healthier that relationship will be. What better time to work on your foundation than at the beginning of your marriage?


Can I come without my spouse?

Both spouses are required to attend this workshop together. The nature of this weekend is very experiential and requires both spouses to attend and participate. If you are unable to attend with your spouse then we recommend that you plan to attend a future Hold Me Tight weekend when you both can participate together.


Can I bring my infant or toddler?

We love kids very much. Unfortunately, we do not allow children to attend this event due to the material presented and to avoid the potential distractions that little ones may cause.


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