Marriage Intensives at Relationship Solutions

For the convenience and benefit of our clients, Relationship Solutions is proud to offer marriage intensives with our licensed clinical counseling staff. A marriage intensive session can be highly effective for couples seeking to improve their relationship, to repair relationship injuries and to do significant work in a condensed amount of time. Our extensively trained, fully licensed staff has hundreds of post-graduate hours of education and experience working with couples seeking to strengthen and repair their relationship. Maybe a marriage intensive is exactly what you and your spouse need.

At Relationship Solutions we believe that the most effective way to heal is in the context of relationship with others. This is particularly true in the context of marriage. When the person you love the most is emotionally close, you feel more secure and capable of navigating the most painful matters of the heart and mind. Our goal in providing Fort Smith counseling services is to help you develop a secure marriage relationship so that you and your partner can be the best versions of yourself that you can possibly be.

The benefits of relationship connection are numerous but one of the most striking is the health benefits of relationship health for individuals. Many medical and mental health professionals now view isolation as more harmful than obesity and tobacco use. It’s no wonder that solitary confinement is considered a punishment in correctional facilities. Our goal is to increase connection and decrease isolation and loneliness in your marriage.

In a three or six hour Fort Smith counseling intensive session, you’ll have an opportunity to dig deep and unpack your issues and the problems that plague you. This allows much more time to address the needs, hurts and goals of your relationship than typical counseling sessions. While there is great benefit to weekly, hour-long counseling sessions, sometimes clients need a little more time to work through difficult issues. If you find that you are not making significant progress in weekly therapy appointments and you need more time to explore the issues that brought you to counseling, consider visiting with one of our staff to see if an intensive counseling structure would be more beneficial for your treatment needs.

Some of the issues that clients address at Fort Smith’s Relationship Solutions are communication, infidelity, intimacy and sexual issues, financial strains, blended families, children and career conflicts. These common relationship challenges can take a toll on your connection. We know that without outside help, the harder you work to resolve these issues, the more you may find yourself stuck in patterns and cycles of conflict and distress. We understand this challenge and we know how to help.

For those couples who are uncertain if they are a good fit for this kind of service or those who simply have more questions that need answers before they schedule an appointment, Relationship Solutions offers free consultations by phone, video conference or in person. One of our licensed clinical counselors can visit with you briefly about our services and gather more information about the goals and needs you and your spouse have. At the end of your consultation we can schedule an appointment with you with one of our skilled clinical staff.

Find out why Relationship Solutions is Fort Smith counseling’s most reviewed and highest rated counseling practice. Call today to schedule your marriage intensive session and experience the marriage relationship you’ve been longing for. Our office number is (479) 242-3200 and our friendly staff is ready to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why schedule a marriage intensive?

Many couples find that one-hour weekly appointments are helpful and they are able to achieve their counseling goals using that structure. For other couples, the limitations of 50-minute sessions can make it challenging to get to the root issues of the relationship. In situations where couples are struggling greatly, scheduling longer, uninterrupted sessions allows for more time to make needed progress. With the additional time of an intensive session, couples can dig deeper and address issues at the core of their relationship.

How long is a marriage intensive?

Our licensed counseling staff offers various marriage intensive sessions currently. Standard three and six hour appointments are available at this time. Other appointment lengths are available by request. These sessions are conducted at our office at 4019 Massard Road in Fort Smith, AR.

Can I schedule a telehealth marriage intensive?

With the increased technological access by clients to telehealth services, a video-based intensive session may be available. This is dependent on the specific treatment needs of the client, the accessibility to devices and technological resources, and the preferences of your counselor. With telehealth services available, Fort Smith counseling is no longer limited to Fort Smith!

What happens in a marriage intensive session?

Marriage intensive sessions, like weekly appointments, involve identifying the pain points in the relationship, building (or establishing) trust between partners and strengthening the marital bond. The therapy provided in these sessions is comparable to the treatment provided during weekly couples counseling sessions by our clinicians. The difference is that intensive sessions allow for deeper, more concentrated work, which is particularly beneficial for couples who are feel stuck in their relationship distress or who are experiencing particularly high relationship distress.

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an empirically validated form of couples therapy based on decades of research. This model of therapy helps to reduce conflict and helps couples feel more supported by each other. It identifies patterns (we call them “cycles”) that get in the way of people connecting and communicating with one another. Core issues that create conflict and disconnection are identified, understood and approached in a healing, meaningful way. Relationship Solutions is the only Fort Smith counseling practice where every counselor is fully trained in the model of EFT.

Isn’t that a long time for a counseling session?

Sometimes people are overwhelmed at the thought of sitting with a counselor for three or more hours, but it’s actually not so bad at all. When doing deep, therapeutic work, we have found that time seems to go by quickly and people often mention how it doesn’t seem that long at all. We attribute this to the style of work that we practice, specifically the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy. This model of therapy employs the mind but also the body, particularly the limbic system. When the body, mind and emotions are all engaged, people are more deeply immersed in the counseling process and experience counseling very positively.

How much do marriage intensives cost?

Marriage intensives vary in cost based on the length of the session but are comparable to the same hourly rates of our typical counseling sessions. For those clients with health insurance coverage, our administrative staff can assist in verifying your benefits. Call our office at (479) 242-3200 for assistance or more information.

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