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Thank you for visiting the Contact page of Relationship Solutions.  We offer the community and surrounding areas of Fort Smith counseling services built on empathy, understanding, and compassion.  We are so happy to hear from you!  Relationship Solutions is Fort Smith’s highest rated and most reviewed counseling practice.  We exist to help people rebuild, strengthen and repair their relationships with each other, with God and with themselves.  Our goal is to match you with one of our fully licensed, highly skilled counselors who can help you meet your treatment goals.  


If you’re like many of us, you may have considered asking for help long before you clicked on this page.  You may have known for some time that you needed to make an appointment or to find out more about counseling.  For many of us, asking for help is difficult.  If we are afraid of looking weak or needy or if we’re afraid we’ll appear incompetent then this can be a barrier to taking that first step toward getting the support that we need.  If any or all of these barriers have been a concern to you then rest easy; you’re in good company.  It can be incredibly vulnerable to ask for help.  None of us want to be criticized and judged.  And it can feel risky to share about our struggles, our problems, or our fears.  We might even be afraid that our problems will shock those with whom we share them.  Our counselors are aware of the risks our clients are taking when they participate in counseling.  We make every effort to provide Fort Smith counseling in an environment where people feel safe to be transparent about themselves, their problems and their relationship difficulties. 


Maybe you’re thinking that you can wait a little longer before you reach out for help.  Maybe you’re not sure if this is really that big of a deal.  Don’t other people cope with much bigger problems?  We hear this line of thinking a lot in our office.   Even if other people have it a lot worse, what’s going to happen for you if you wait longer to address your problem?  It may not resolve on its own; in fact, prolonging treatment could make things worse.  And sometimes it can make them much, much worse.  You don’t want that and the clinical staff at Relationship Solutions certainly doesn’t want that for you either.  We tend to agree with writer and speaker Dennis Waitley who said, “The real risk is doing nothing.”  Taking action to address the concerns and challenges that you are facing can be a difficult but very important step toward creating the life and relationships that you want to have. Fort Smith counseling services at Relationship Solutions are just a phone call away.


Sometimes a challenge in asking for help is that we fear we will be surrendering our sense of control and that we’ll be at the mercy of someone else telling us what to do.  Our approach to the counseling process at Relationship Solutions is not a controlling, advice-driven process where we give you a lot of instructions or make you do everything we tell you.  It’s our belief that most people want to do the right thing and generally know the right thing to do.  Where people tend to get stuck is knowing how to do the right thing and overcome the obstacles that are in their way.  When you attend Fort Smith counseling services at Relationship Solutions, we want to understand why your behavior makes sense and what needs, pain or motivations are driving your behavior.  We want to work with you and understand the context of your situation and behaviors.  When we understand what the core problem is, we can begin to create a better solution.


We understand that cost can be a hindrance and prevent the initiation of counseling.  And it’s not just a financial cost that prevents people from making that first appointment.  There is an investment of money involved, but there is also an investment of time and energy.  Committing to the process of therapy is something that should be considered up front.  Change does not happen overnight and depending on your needs or presenting issues, counseling can be a long term commitment.  Do you have financial resources for counseling?  Do you have time to commit to regular counseling appointments?  Do you have the energy to commit to the process?  When you are considering all the costs of counseling (and we recommend that you do), also consider the costs of not enrolling in counseling.  What will your life be like if you don’t begin counseling?  What will your relationship be like in six months if you don’t take action?  Can you afford for things to continue as they have been?  Counseling can be an investment, but if the cost is less than the price you will pay by taking no action then call our office and get started on a road to a better you.


Our compassionate staff are ready to help you.  We understand that you have put a lot of consideration into taking this first step and contacting our team.  Once we receive your call or your email, we will gather your information and match you with a member of our team who has the experience and training to help you meet your treatment goals.  If you are filing with insurance, we will verify your benefits for you and we’ll schedule your first appointment with a therapist.  If there is a specific counselor that you’d like to work with let us know; we do take requests!  


Relationship Solutions offers Fort Smith counseling at it’s finest.  We are the highest rated and most reviewed counseling practice in the River Valley.  We also offer free consultations if you would like more information about our services, our model of therapy, or how to know if counseling is right for you.  To schedule your first appointment, or to schedule a free consultation with one of our clinical staff, call (479) 242-3200 or complete the fields on this page.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you live your best life.