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Relationship Solutions in Fort Smith, AR helps people build, repair and strengthen their connection with each other, with God and with themselves.  We are the  most reviewed and highest rated counseling practice and we offer Fort Smith counseling services including  individual, family and couples counseling.  Our counseling approach is affirming, safe and accepting.  We believe that people are complex and are rarely defined by a basic diagnosis.  Therefore our treatment is customized to meet the needs of each individual we see.  We also believe that all behavior makes sense in the context it occurs.  That means that if we can make sense of your struggle then we can make a plan to guide you into healing and recovery.  Also, in case you’ve been worried, we believe that if your behavior and your emotions make sense then, by definition, you are not crazy.  Helping people make sense of their emotions, thoughts and behaviors is something we enjoy very much.


Our admission process is designed to help individuals, couples and families get started in the Fort Smith counseling process as smoothly and as quickly as possible.  When you contact our office by phone or through our website a friendly member of our staff will gather basic information about you and what kind of treatment you are seeking.  They will also gather any pertinent insurance information.  Once they have your information, they will match you with a member of our clinical staff who is experienced in treating the issues of concern to you.  Our billing clerk will verify your insurance benefits.  (Please note that while we make every attempt to gather accurate insurance information, we cannot guarantee coverage and you should contact your insurance provider for any questions about your insurance policy.)  After matching you with a therapist and verifying your insurance coverage, our helpful staff will assist you in scheduling an initial appointment.  At this initial appointment we will assess with you the issues that are of concern.  We’ll also explore other potential areas of distress that may need attention during the course of counseling.  We will recommend a course of treatment and assist with any other referrals for other pertinent services that will assist you in meeting your treatment goals.  We recommend establishing a recurring weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointment when possible and appropriate.  We have observed with many of our clients that establishing a recurring appointment has helped build momentum in meeting their goals and supporting counseling success.  


Have you been putting off making that first appointment?  You’re in a good company if you have.  Struggling couples often wait an average of almost seven years before scheduling an appointment for counseling.  Parents often wait until their teenager is nearing their eighteenth birthday before addressing some of the emotional or behavior concerns that need attention.  Simply put, we usually procrastinate getting the help we need until things have become very serious.  So don’t feel too guilty if you’ve waited too long to call us; we understand.  And while waiting too long to ask for help might mean that you are prolonging your suffering, when you call we will do our best to help at whatever stage of your struggle that you’re in. Fort Smith counseling is available when you’re ready to take that first step.


At Relationship Solutions our Fort Smith counseling team practices the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy, founded by Dr. Sue Johnson.  Emotionally Focused Therapy, also known as EFT, utilizes the wisdom of family systems theory and attachment theory to help couples and individuals experience recovery and repair in the context of secure relationships.  We believe that people experience the most growth when they experience a secure relationship with the person or people they love the most. In addition to our Emotionally Focused Therapy counseling services, our counselors also offer workshops for couples based on the EFT treatment framework.  The Hold Me Tight and Created for Connection workshops are scheduled throughout the year and are hosted at the Fort Smith office of Relationship Solutions.  To find out more information about our workshops or to register for an upcoming event, visit our workshops page at 


Relationship Solutions provides Fort Smith counseling services of great quality by highly trained, skilled, fully licensed counselors.  Our clinical staff consists of Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors.  Our Fort Smith counseling staff have experience working with couples, families, adult individuals and adolescent individuals.  Each member of our clinical staff is trained in the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy in addition to other clinical models and disciplines.  Our counselors prioritize ongoing education and training in order to provide up-to-date, research-driven therapy services.  Our clinical team has logged hundreds of hours of post-graduate training and continuing education.


Appointments are available at our Fort Smith office located conveniently at 4019 Massard Road or online via a telehealth video platform.  Traditional in-person counseling appointments are still the most popular venue for counseling offered by the Relationship Solutions clinical staff.  There may not be a better form of therapy than being face to face in the same room with a licensed, skilled, compassionate counselor.  This kind of therapy allows for clients and therapists to interact in a live setting where body language can be observed, physical interaction can occur and human interaction exists at its most natural level.  With the increase of telemedicine, we are proud to offer telehealth services as well.  These services permit an individual to participate in counseling services via a HIPAA compliant-video conference platform such as Doxy or Zoom. (HIPAA stands for The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.)  Clients who benefit from telehealth services often have mobility limitations and cannot travel to our office for their counseling sessions.  In other instances, clients with social anxiety or other phobias may prefer the safety and privacy that telehealth services offer.  Whether it is for convenience or for personal well-being, contact our office for details about in-person or telehealth sessions.  A blended approach with both in-person and as-needed virtual sessions is also available for most clients.


If you’re not sure if you are ready to schedule an appointment or would like more information about our services, free consultations are available with one of our clinical staff.  Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation with a member of Relationship Solutions.