Relationship Solutions is the best Fort Smith Counseling company around. We are the highest rated and most reviewed counseling practice in Arkansas. All five stars have come from first hand experience, and a relentless desire to over deliver to every one of our clients. This is why we are able to offer a free consultation when you first try our services. Our staff is warm, compassionate, empathetic, and skilled. No matter what your pain point is, our counselors will be able to help you better your quality of life. The truth is we have a very high divorce rate in our country, and we have a passion for correcting that.

At the best Fort Smith Counseling not only do we offer marriage counseling, but family counseling, as well as individual counseling. Our skilled counselors have hundreds of hours of post graduate training, and have worked hard to refine their clinical ability. All our counselors specialize in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to assist in creating an environment where you feel connected and secure so that you can achieve your relationship goals. With over 24 years of counseling experience, we began to realize the real need for relationship focused counseling. Relationships make up a large part of people’s stresses, and we are often ill equipped with how to make them work. It is true that relationships are made up of people and not always are people well aware of what even makes a relationship successful.

The one common factor at Fort Smith Counseling is that we see couples wait far too long before they begin seeking help. Usually it is because they do not recognize there is an issue going on, or are simply too embarrassed to seek out counseling services, as that would admit that they failed. In our eyes, you are not failing by seeking help, you are simply seeking help for something you couldn’t figure out on your own. And there is not now, nor has there ever been any shame in asking for the assistance that you need to have the life you want.

Often, it is at a detriment to the relationship as a whole, that we do not seek help as we are afraid of what others may say or how they may judge us. In our case, we were a married couple for 10 years and I had a counseling background. I already felt horrible that my marriage was failing, I didn’t want to go in to speak to a colleague who would possibly confront me on my negative behaviors. However, the pain of wishing I were dead and my wife trying to figure out how she was going to make being a single mom work won over my selfish reasons for not asking for help. I didn’t want to see my family dissolve because of my inability to be held accountable.

If the stories and examples above sound all too familiar, we strongly suggest that you take a look through our website and schedule a free consultation today. We were able to fix our marriage and continued to maintain the love we were able to find again, and we want to give that gift to you as well. Feel free to give one of our professionals a call at 479.242.3200 if you need a more personal approach.

Fort Smith Counseling | Relationships are work

When in a relationship in Fort Smith Counseling area, we want others to be aware that relationships are work. We often have the notion that things at home do not need to be worked on. Sure we pride ourselves on our weekend projects and even enjoy being handy, but when it comes to ensuring that both people in the relationship are satisfied, this is another story all together. Both individuals in a relationship usually come already programmed with how we think relationships should work, but it isn’t often that we talk about these programs to each other, even when we know better.

The divorce rate in this country is high for a reason, and at Fort Smith Counseling it is our passion to decrease this number. We survived a marriage riddled with obstacles based on how we both thought differently about relationships as a whole. My wife’s program was to voice her displeasure each and every time and to be her own person, the main program that limited my ability to work with my wife was that I believed a healthy relationship didn’t fight. I would do anything I could not to deal with conflict. I would remain quiet, I would go on walks, and little by little I began distancing myself from my family and truly abandoning my wife.

Every relationship is different, and at the best Fort Smith Counseling we will work endlessly to give you the tools you need to turn your marriage around. We have a passion for this because we had to learn that a real relationship requires work. Nothing worth anything in life comes easy, and relationships are not any different. Honestly, the relationship itself is a tool to gauge yourself. By understanding that you are two individuals with varying history and thought processes on life, you can begin holding yourself accountable to the relationship. Sometimes shifting this concept for people is enough to get them back on track. It’s necessary to understand your partner, but it is even more necessary to understand yourself and how you or your partner react in certain situations revolving around relationships.

Our society has helped mold us into what we should deem important. For most of us, employment and making a good living is a top priority. Personally, I believe that this happens because of the action of clocking in and out, and understanding the value the job brings to your life as a whole. With relationships, sometimes,

If you are in need of five star quality relationship counseling services be sure to click on this link where you can schedule a free consultation so we can help you solve an issue by giving you the right tools to work through any issues that may arise. If you would rather talk to our professionals over the phone, please feel free to dial 479.242.3200.