Counseling Services Fort Smith AR is super pleased to present the revolutionary hold me tight couples workshop. It is created by Dr. Sue Johnson who is the founder of emotionally focused therapy. The hold me tight workshop is based on the book of the same title and is an event that leads couples through seven conversations designed to strengthen relationships. We bought relationships and established security between partners. Highly sought after events and are conducted throughout the entire world.

The clinical team’s relationship solution is the first introduced this workshop to the Arkansas river valley area. We are so excited to be able to help so many people through this wonderful service. The workshops they offer are not typical marriage retreats. This weekend and isn’t intensive are designed to help couples build, strengthen and repair the very foundation of the relationship. Couples or lead through a series of seven conversations help them recognize the disconnect, the patterns of the relationship identify the moments where disconnect a cruise and to establish new parents of secure connection and there’s so many different ways that we can help move couples forward in a positive direction.

Counseling Services Fort Smith AR what’s to help strengthen and repair couples at the very foundation of their relationship. Couples or let their series of similar conversations help them recognize the disconnect in patterns of their relationship and help identify the moments where disconnect happens and we establish new patterns that secure that connection for the long-term. The seven conversations are in the disconnecting dialogues, raw spots, revisiting rocky moments, hold me tight, forgiving inquiries, bonding through sex in touch, and keeping love alive.

All of these are needed to be able to reconnect and build a strong bond in the course of future disagreements and fights. These things that you learned from our counseling are rooted so that you’re able to make positive decisions so that your relationship can move in a positive direction as opposed to the opposite. We want you to be able to work through these solutions to find irrigation and be able to make the best possible lives that you can’t get here as a couple. Everyone deserves to feel loved. There’s so many positive benefits to this couple’s retreat that you will know that you were moving in the right direction. Thousands of couples have experienced the life-changing Komatite couples we can throughout the world. Register for an upcoming weekend intensive and discover the connection and security that you’ve been seeking for your marriage relationship for so long.

Don’t let the fight destroy your relationship and your love life. We are able to reconnect U2 at the root and to be able to live the best life that you can. We want to hear from you and help. Pick up the phone today and call Counseling Services Fort Smith AR to schedule your telehealth counseling appt at 479.242.3200 or check out our webpage at

Counseling Services Fort Smith AR | Individual Counseling

Here at Counseling Services Fort Smith AR we believe that counseling can change your life for the ultimate and the better. That’s why we opened our doors in December 2019 because we wanted to offer the best services to the River Valley area. Fort Smith Arkansas deserves counseling. Our goal is to help strengthen relationships in an increasingly disconnected world. If you’ve never considered counseling services before and you’re looking for a new counselor we’d love to introduce you to our compassionate and skilled care team.

A primary model of therapy at Counseling Services Fort Smith AR is emotionally focused therapy, a highly effective treatment approach developed by Dr. Sue Johnson who wrote a book on it. Individual counseling is available for adults, adolescents, and children in the office of ours. We treat you like a Leo and know that you are the center of attention when you visit without counselors. You can relax and process the concerns and challenges you are facing without fear of talking too much or even being too self focused. There’s no such thing as too self focused when you were in a counselor’s office. And with both of you working together to make sure that your needs are met you’re more likely to achieve the goals that you feel are important to you.

Our counselors love their work and enjoy focusing on taking care of you. That is why we have grown and done so much good in this area. You don’t have to be struggling to benefit from counseling. Anyone can visit us and enjoy a bump in their life. Counseling Services Fort Smith AR knows that it is a sign of wisdom whenever you reach out to accounts that are not necessarily a sign of weakness or mental illnesses necessarily. I’ve performed with people who have stronger and wiser Others supporting them and encouraging them and training for them.

Rather than waiting until things are out of control or until you’re in crisis, maybe it’s time to consider how to improve your relationships with others, boost your emotional health and resolve past hurts that you have dealt with. If you’re reading this you’re probably already aware of some things that you’d like to improve about yourself. You may even be making a mental list as you read this article right now if maybe you’ve been trying to manage things on your own but things are not improving. A good counselor can help you see your blind spots and help you develop a plan for a positive change. Counselors know helpful things that can help guide you in the right positive direction. This may seem obvious but counselors have hundreds of hours of education and training in the counseling field.

Our counselors are experts at helping people and we are experts at helping you. They have studied closely how to treat trauma, relationship problems, and self-destructive habits that you might not even be aware of and much much more. Do not hesitate to move your life in a positive direction – pick up the phone today and call Counseling Services Fort Smith AR to schedule your telehealth counseling appt at 479.242.3200 or check out our webpage at